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chiefatcampfire.jpg (37064 bytes)
Chief reading at campfire while Phil Bortnick provides security against forest fires.
Soak the Bloke
dunkeroo.jpg (49573 bytes)
More Circass tradition. Dick Kasher is paying the ultimate price.
circassparade.jpg (55784 bytes)
Drummeister Fafoofnik leads the annual circass parade followed by Maestro Ed Goldman (Lord High Music Torturer) on clarinet.
Let the Show Begin!
izzydrucker.jpg (35281 bytes)
Announcer Izzy Drucker in action.
And the Oscar Goes To!
phintobe.jpg (45899 bytes)
Phin Tobe issues toilet roll awards to cousins Michael Kupersmith and Michael Reiss for "Best Announsage of 1956"
American Bandstand
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A little swing dancing to the beat of the "Chef" Harry Hart Band.
Chef Harry and the Crew
MKsummer561.jpg (35028 bytes)
Chef Harry Hart supplies the entertainment!
Chef Harry and the Crew
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