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Summer of '56

56circass1.jpg (70006 bytes)
Fafoofnik doing his thing!
The following pictures and captions - courtesy of Michael Kupersmith
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56circass2.jpg (74527 bytes)
More fafoofnik
56circass3.jpg (68314 bytes)
Fafoofnik and his trusty horse
Last Will & Testament
56lwandtest.jpg (49804 bytes)
Don Edelstein and Josh Kaplan read the Last Will & Testament
56wrestling1.jpg (43932 bytes)
Young Bull Walton prepared to meet the Masked Mute.


56wrestling2.jpg (41547 bytes)
Ralph Aserkoff referees.

Camp Play

"Mr. Roberts"

mrroberts1.jpg (35722 bytes)
First time published photos of the most successful camper 3 act play of its time: Pictured are: Joel Reingold, Butch Kimmel, Steve Dasheff, Alan Flashner, Joe Basloe, Victor Goldman. To the right in the officer's cap: Michael Reiss in the title role!
mrroberts2.jpg (37419 bytes)
"Battle Stations"
I'm on the right and can still remember my line: "Stefanofski! Find some battle station"
mrroberts3.jpg (39800 bytes)
L to R: Dasheff, Flashner (kneeling), Micke Klarreich, Gary Goldsmith, Basloe, Reiss, David Victor and Kimmel. Internationally famous artist Jon Borofsky can be seen peeking out behind Reiss.
mrroberts4.jpg (38766 bytes)
Mr. Roberts gives the crew the bad word: (L to R) Steve Egbert, Mike Kupersmith, Dave Victor, Eliot Goldstein (aka Mighty Mouse), Klarreich and Reiss.