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Uncle Moishe
markbrecker.jpg (81653 bytes)
Isn't he cute!!!
Boys Will Be Boys!!Upercampfun1.jpg (67505 bytes)
"That's funny when I went to bed I was under the roof!"
upeercampfun2.jpg (60175 bytes)
"Dum Dum" Levinson prepares to escape!
"Cess and Peanut Butter"
56sing.jpg (70514 bytes)
Comic Song featuring the CPB rhythm section: Roger Wasby, Pete Sherin, Joe Alperin, Michael Kupersmith, Eddie Shapiro and Steve Dasheff. Jim Gordon front row left in deck shirt.
Before There Was
Wrestling1.jpg (41739 bytes)
Izzy Drucker announcing; Nort Levy, referee; Dr. Doom, is partially hidden...unsure of opponent!
Dr. Doom
wrestling2.jpg (51256 bytes)
Dr. Doom shown performing the "Terminal Helicopter Spin"
La Shlumpa
lashlumpa.jpg (65711 bytes)
The fair La Shlumpa entertains the masses at the Annual Circass
Niagara Falls
niagrafalls1.jpg (33607 bytes)
Fafoofnik leads unsuspecting Altonites on a trip to Niagara Falls
Another Trip to
Niagara Falls
niagrafalls2.jpg (65627 bytes)
Pie Eating Contest
pieeating.jpg (43292 bytes)
The Annual Pie Eating Contest: Perennial champion North Levy is at the right, Dan Schwartz; center