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Summer of '55

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Bunk Photo

Pictures courtesy of Steve Sugarman (1955-1963)

1955bunkphoto.jpg (93973 bytes)

5th camper from the left sitting on the rock...Steve Sugarman.
If anyone knows the names of any others in the photo please email to address below!

Bunk A2

Courtesy of Michael Schwartz
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Top row: David Casty, Lou Bortnick - counselor, Fred Daum

Middle row: Jim Kahn, Bob Silk, Terry Siegel, Richard Sobel

Bottom row: Norm Shapiro, Joel Reingold, Michael Schwartz


The following pictures courtesy of Michael Kupersmith
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12 Year Old Baseball Team

195512yroldbaseball.jpg (46734 bytes)
(L to R) ?, Peanuts Kowal (standing), Ken Annis, Terry Segal, Jon Borofsky, Harold Weintraub (Standing) and Norm Shapiro.

Circass 1955

55circass1.jpg (30751 bytes)  

Circass Band

55circass2.jpg (45516 bytes)

Ed Goldman conducts the Circass Band. Musicians I can still identify: 1st row: Malcom Raff (trombone), Tojo Levine (clafinet), Commissioner Phil Nyman (trumpet), 2nd row: Larry Parish (sax), to Parish's right (& rear) is Barry Bortnick (French Horn) and behind Bortnick is Steve Arnold.


55circass3.jpg (35076 bytes)

Steve Arnold on snare: Charlie Axelrod carries the bass drum



Pie Eating

55circass4.jpg (33708 bytes)

Another year, another pie-eating contest. Nort Levy again emerges as champion.


The Human Pyramid

55circass5.jpg (39263 bytes)

Nort Levy arranges a human pyramid


Counselor Drill Team

55circass6.jpg (39952 bytes)

Bull Walton leads the crack counselor drill team (not all of whom can be identified) From R to L: Zeke Newman, ?, Shelly Gordon, ?, Buddy Hurwitz, Dr. Doom, ?,?.