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Summer of '57

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If anyone knows the names of the others in the photos please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it....

We are also trying to determine 1954 or 1957 on all photos!!!


Pictures courtesy of Bernie Sweet(1954 & 1957)
Alton Waterfront Counselors

“Bullet Bob” Curran ,Robert Friedlander ,Don Edelstein ,Alan Aymes ,Phil Markell ,Carl Jacobson? ,David Levine ?, Jimmy Sidd? ,Ron Weintraub ,? ,? ,David Solomon ,Josh Kaplan ,? ,
Gene Goldstein (The Masked,Mute)
,Fred Blonder ,Barrie Bortnick ,Steve Mirsky ,Bernie Sweet ? ,Steve Hansburg? ,Don Ulin





Picture courtesy of Leslie Meyer 

1957 Bunk F1-A copy

Back Row: Roger Wasby, Richard "Foggy" Harris, Alan Segal, Mark Roberts, Alan Dankner, Counselor Harry Gittes
Front Row: Leslie Meyer, Norman Weiner, George Gopen, Richar Hershenson, Stephen Shriberg