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Alton Wrestling Night Introduction
43rd Annual Wrestling Night
Summer of 1987

It was the night before Flag Rush
and throughout the arena
not a counselor was stirring not even Nina.

The campers were nestled all snug in their beds
while visions of 50s danced in their heads.

With Hans in the kitchen and Bunk L with their Rap
Rico settled in for his mid-Summer nap.

When on the roof there was such a clatter
I sprang from my bunk to see what was the matter.

I ran to the window and tore open the shutter
and there on the bunk line stood one mean mother...

His name was Robo - I wanted to scream
I hoped it was just another bad dream.

I called out for Dusty, for Lou or for Peter
I longed to hear the Doctor's quick feet.

But just when it seemed all hope was at zero
fresh from his lifting appeared our great hero.

There he stood all dressed in white
ready to give Robo a really good fight.

I gulped and I gasped
I yelled and I hollered.
I hoped that Robo would soon be collared.

The end of my story was quite a surprise
As the events in a few moments will give rise.

So sit back and watch with excitement and zest
as you witness tonight, wrestling's best.

And now it is my honor and pleasure
To introduce Alton's most feared, loved
and respected all time champ...
The king of gloom your master of ceremonies Dr. Peter C. Doom