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[The bleachers - 2002][Circle - circa 1994]Well from the bleachers we decided to take the walk that we dreaded the entire drive from New York to New Hampshire. As we came over the top of the little crest in the road...this was the devastating site we saw!!! Nothing but trees no camp buildings, just old memories of what used to be (see picture above to the right)...we stood there motionless for what seemed like an eternity, trying our hardest to remember exactly where everything once stood, but because so many of the landmarks and trees have been remov [The circle - 2002]ed it was very difficult. It felt like someone had kicked us in the stomach. As we walked towards what used to be the circle we took in the entire landscape: (click the shot below to soak in the total effect)

[The circle, rec hall, bunk I, Peter's quarters, dining room, kitchen, informary]

The house to the left "The Mansion" it is being called by those that live on Lake Winnipesaukee, starts at about the former location of Bunk C and goes to the former location of Bunk H and then all the way to the top of the hill overlooking the lake. The house in front of you begins at about where the steps to the porch were and extends to the right down past where the infirmary once stood.

As we stood there gawking at this site we hoped and prayed we would find something...some last vestige of camp...a pair of dirty underwear, and old almanac, a tennis ball, the flag I never got in the rush...but much to our[The showers - 2002] chagrin the ONLY thing that we could find still standing in this area from camp was a structure that many a camper never knew existed.....the showers!!! I was not sure about this but Mel assures me that is what is in the picture to the right.

Being somewhat disappointed in not finding anything other than the shower house we decided to venture a little closer to "The Mansion" . Upon closer inspection this is what we saw. The two structures coming toward you on the right and the left, appear to be garages. The owner of this home owns the New Hampshire Speedway so that may explain enough room for what appears to be 16 cars. All along the roofline as you can see are chimneys, lots of chimney, which means lots of fireplaces. They will be needed in the winter when that wind comes whipping up off the icy lake! (Click the panoramic below for larger view)

[Panoramic shot of

The view from the rocks >>>


The view from the bunk line.


[Upper bunk line - circa 1994]





The view from Bunk A circa 1994 >>>


[View down the upper bunk line from area of bunk A]



The view from bunk A today

[Back of the house]


Another perspective on the back of this house! >>>