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The following photos were taken April 5 & 6, 2002
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Well there's good news and bad news. Mel Kohn & I just returned from a 600 mile weekend jaunt from NY to Wolfeboro to see first hand what has taken place up at camp. The good news is Lake Winnipesaukee is as beautiful as ever, Wolfeboro looks EXACTLY the same...although the names of some of the stores and business have changed and a good portion of the camp still looks the same. The bad news is...a larger portion of it is UNRECOGNIZABLE!!! More trees have been taken down then in the tropical looks like loggers came in and cleared the place out! But fortunately there are still enough little things left to evoke memories and even a few voices of days gone by!


A dad and his boys out for some early morning fishing

Pretty soon this place should be hopping!


Some things just don't change...I'm still waiting for the package from home....


Former home to Bailey's Dockside
Mmmmmmmm They Smell Good!!

The blueberry muffins are almost ready to come out of the oven!!!
  Not Wolfeboro!!

But still a tasty memory for many!!!