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MAY 12, 2001

Special thanks to Stew Shankman for these photos
Click on the pictures to enlarge them



chupah1.jpg (91571 bytes)
The Happy Couple - Kristin Blasberg & Josh Grossman


ushers1.jpg (165574 bytes)

(L to R): The Ushers: Will Kraft, Rahul Advani, Kristin's brother, Gabe Roth


alton1.jpg (136483 bytes)

(L to R): Robbie Stone, Jeff Stone, Will Kraft & Stew Shankman.

couple1.jpg (148406 bytes)

(L to R): Robbie Stone, Will Kraft, Stew Shankman and the new couple.



dance1.jpg (90397 bytes)(R to L): The new couple with Will Kraft and an unknown dance partner


Robbie Stone, Will Kraft, Alexandra, Stew Shankman

(L to R): Robbie Stone, Will Kraft, Alexandra & Stew Shankman - on table LOTS OF BOOZE!!


table1.jpg (176758 bytes)

Seated (L to R): Debbie & Noah Wepman, Ernie's date, Ernie (Josh's roommate from law school), Jeff Stone, Robbie Stone
Back Row (L to R): Alexandra, Stew Shankman, Doug Cotton & Will Kraft

stewdoug1.jpg (147668 bytes)
(L to R): Stew Shankman & Dougie 'fresh' Cotton


stairs1.jpg (158463 bytes)

Top Row (L to R): Robbie Stone, Howie Parnes, Andy Ganick, Will Kraft
Middle Row: Stew Shankman, David Ganick
Bottom Row: Josh Grossman, Noah Wepman, Doug Cotton

seven1.jpg (159208 bytes)

(L to R): Doug Cotton, Stew Shankman, Gabe Roth, Howie Parnes, Josh Grossman, Noah Wepman & Will Kraft


noah1.jpg (167666 bytes)

Noah Wepman and his girlfriend Debbie

group1.jpg (160907 bytes)

(Poor quality original) (L to R): Doug Cotton, Stew Shankman, Josh Grossman, Will Kraft, Noah Wepman, Howie Parnes, Jeff Stone, Robbie Stone, David Ganick & Andy Ganick


candid1.jpg (170714 bytes)

Ernie's date, Ernie, Josh Grossman & Jeff Stone


kristindad1.jpg (146707 bytes)

Kristin and her dad