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Summer of 2001

Note from Marc Harris:

I was there with my brothers Andy & Michael. Howie could not make it. We were all Alton vets. but Andy and I did the most time and have the deepest roots. Also making the trip: My Wife & kids, Mitchell (11) and Brian (5), Andy's kids Lucy (10), Eli (5) and Scott (3), Howie's kids Matt & Ben (12-twins), and Mike's partner Nahatai

The Rocks 2001

This is a shot of me (Marc Harris), and my son Mitchell Harris (11), sitting on the "O-2" row at the pavilion. This is in remembrance of my initiation year of 1967 year as a member of O-2. Of note Peter and Alexandra Garualnick were my bunk parents

 The following photos are courtesy of Marc Harris and family!
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In a tribute that had Necco wafers flaring on the road trip home, that my mini van appeared to be the "Canteen of the new millennium"; Andy Harris is seen being pushed up the campfire trail in re-creation of the Jeff Greenfield push. The rousing rendition displayed by Norton on this day would have definitely won him a letter in drama, as he promised the kids their candy reward. And they pushed all the way to the top.


As my memory serves me 1967 was the final year of riflery at Alton, so ironic that the riflery range hut is one of the last items left standing. Of particular attention in this picture, and at this location was the Gray table in the picture flanked by Andy "Norton" Harris and his eldest daughter Lucy. This table was a definite survivor of either the mess hall or the shop. Also strewn around this area were rusted old bed frames, and the remnant of a whisk broom. Many an inspection 10 were achieved with that stick and bristles.

Richie Cohen

Here is a shot of Norton (A. Harris) with an assortment of sons, daughters, and nephews. Positioned on a log at the campfire site overlooking the lake. I am standing (Marc Harris) right in the cinders of the main campfire itself taking the shot. Of most significance, everyone in the shot is chanting "Richie Cohen" in memory of the "Ryerson truckers for peace" as the photo is taken

A-Crew 2001

Taken of the whole crew on the bleachers overlooking the Sr. Diamond. A classic shot! I could not help but comment to my wife (front left) how much she looked like Steve Fields in the A-crew pose.

No Points Off

We held our own assembly, and reported no points off for this trip, as we dragged a bunch of kids and women who supported our own need for closure on this memorable road trip. You can see the truly enormous house in the background replacing the mess hall. This could be one of the largest single homes I have ever seen. Although in our eyes sacrilegious, as big as the entire mess hall plaza was, this house is a even larger.

A Final Thought From Marc:

I hope that the families moving into these homes may some day grasp some respect of the treasured feelings that this property holds. I look forward to adding more comments on the message board about our trip, what we saw, what we did, and how we left.

PS. As we prepared to leave, Mr. Irving Roberts himself was driving a new looking tractor across the A-field, mowing the lawn. This is the truth!!