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Summer of '58

Pictures courtesy of Richard Jacobs (1958-1962)
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1958 Football Award

1958award.jpg (95973 bytes)

A football award I got for the 1958 season. (the only time paper awards were given out instead of cloth letters.


Bunk Photo

1958bunk2.jpg (111113 bytes)

Our bunk with counselor Howie Meyers....the tennis counselor.


Chow Time

1958eating.jpg (114037 bytes)

Eating in the dining room. A quart of "Wasmaco" milk is visible on the table.


Reading Time at Camp

1958reading2.jpg (109052 bytes)

The reading picture was taken in the rec hall to show that campers read in there a lot (never happened) ...To show that it was staged, I had my book upside-down on the table (I'm the 4th from the left)