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by Jeff Greenfield
Alton Almanac - August 22, 1973

As camp draws to an end, I spend much of my time reflecting on this past year and in general, all the years that I have spent at camp. Camp does not end for me Thursday like many other camps. Camp has always been a year long dream.

By definition the term "Camelot" can best be described as a place where all the troubles and hassles of life can, for a short time, be forgotten. Camelot is a place you spend hours dreaming about.

Camp is and always will be my "Camelot". I don't think a day goes by in the winter months when camp does not enter into my mind. Unlike most camps where you make friends for 8 weeks a year. Alton has provided lifetime friendships which go far beyond the summer months. The fact is that my closest friends are what you'd call "camp people".

The other aspect of camp that I constantly think about, is the overall beauty of the whole area. I think most people take this beauty for granted. Sometime if you have a moment, walk around camp and. ask yourself if you've ever seen a more beautiful place on Earth. Some cold. snowy winter night, you may look out your window and. say, "In short, there's simply not a more congenial spot for happy ever afterings than here in Camelot".