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June 13, 2002


Mel Kohn & Bruce Singal


held at Ken's Steak House - Framingham
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Ron Markoff, Mel Kohn, Bruce Singal & David Rosenthal


Some pre-dinner schmoozing!


Paul Bond & Lenny Miller



Tom "Chet" Atkins & Richie Levitan


'MC' David Rosenthal gets the festivities started - starting with a moment of silence for those Alton alums that passed away during the past year...with a special mention of the tragic loss of Andy Kates in the attack on the World Trade Center!!


David and his dad 'Pop' Rosenthal




Ed "Pop" Rosenthal doing the motzie


Just a bit of schmoozing going on!!!




Ed Rosenthal and Ricky Snyder discussing flag rush strategies...















<<<Phin Tobe giving the "State of the Union" Address. Remember..."Headmistress, Headmistress, Headmistress!!!">>>

"Grandson of Fatshtick" Dan Rabinovitz giving a toast to the late "Fatshtick Baboon" - Jeffrey Greenfield

Next we had some sports trivia questions...fortunately no points were taken off!!!


Then we opened the floor to camp Joe Perkins reminisced


Paul Bond telling the crowd about how Jeff Greenfield is ALWAYS in his thoughts...especially when it rains and he gets the excruciating pain in his ankle...courtesy of Wrestling Night and Big Jeff in 1978!!


Then Bobby Fine told about some of his memories of camp!


For those of you that followed the clues leading up to the dinner...what they were in fact referring to is what you see in the photos below...soon after the announcement that camp was officially closed...there was some concern about the looting of valuable camp the sign from the top of the camp road...on Roberts Cove Road was taken down and put away for safe keeping. It has been safely stored for the past 10 years...and it was felt to be time to bring it out...and it was auctioned off to raise money for the Philip Marson Scholarship Fund.

Arthur "Robert Orbit" Duffy addressing the troops - telling them about how he got the Camp Alton sign!


George Berman made the winning bid!!!