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June 17, 2003

held at Ken's Steak House - Framingham
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Thanks to Dan Rabinovitz for helping to identify the faces in the crowd!!


Special thanks to Dan Rabinovitz and Michael Granoff for their hard work in making the evening a huge success! As you can see from the the pictures below everyone had a GREAT time. There were the usual in attendance and a few new (old) faces too. We would love to see twice as many for next year...we are working on something a bit different that we hope will draw a larger stay tuned for the details!

Dan Rabinovitz, Steve Fine , The Battling Biffer


Jon Benson, Gary Markoff & Mel Kohn

Michael Granoff & Chuck Goldman

Some pre-dinner schmoozing!

Ken Kaplan & Ralph Azerkoff


Jimbo Gordon


Allan Tofias, ??

Phin Tobe talking with JC and Connie Martin


Bruce Singal, Jimbo Gordon



Norton Levy doing the motzie







The empty table in the corner. We had plenty of room for more...but YOU did not make it. What happened?