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2013 Camp Reunion
Pictures and more

It was great to see everyone again.  Although the turnout was small (apparently there were some issues with getting the word out with mailing addresses) the evening was great fun. 

After the usual cocktail hour and schmoozing we sat down to dinner.  MC Dave Rosenthal had a moment of silence for those camp alums that past since the last dinner and read messages from those that couldn't make it this year and then we said the "motzie"..."Bless this food to our use O'lord - AMEN" which everyone recited in unison...

After dinner to everyone's surprise the CAMP ALTON sign that once stood at the top of the camp road was again up for auction - with the money going to the Marson Associates Scholarship fund.  George Berman who had the winning bid back in 2002 when the CAMP ALTON sign reappeared after 10 years in hiding, felt it was time for someone else to enjoy this iconic piece of Alton history...this years winning bid - after some heated back and forth bidding went to Mel Kohn.

It was great to hear all the old stories is amazing the place in everyone's heart that Alton holds!


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