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2011 Camp Reunion
Pictures and more

Well in spite of the nasty weather - and I mean NASTY weather - everyone made it to the reunion dinner and what a great turn-out it was.  The largest gathering of Alton alums in years - 52 former campers and counselors gathered at Ken's Steakhouse in Framingham to relive those great days of the past.  Every era of camp was represented at the dinner from the '30s to the '90s.  There were some great stories being told...from rush to sing to wrestling night - and even a few stories that probably shouldn't be repeated.  There was some very pleasant surprise attendees...when a contingent from Philly walked in.  But they didn't win the award for traveling the furthest that went to Andrew Solomon who came in from Texas to attend.  MC Dave Rosenthal read emails from some that couldn't make it to the dinner and a moment of silence was held for those that had passed since the last reuinion.  All in all it was a great evening. So much so that we are looking at a NYC reunion sometime in the fall...September - October.  We will make the announcement stay tuned...and in the meantime you can view the pictures from the reunion>>>

Please help me identify the people in the photos...if you recognize people please jot down the picture number and the names and email me the information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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