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Camp Alton:
The Final Chapters

Special thanks to Michael Kupersmith for the pictures of the camp grounds.
These pictures were taken on Michael's 2nd visit to the hallowed grounds in 1995.

To enlarge the pictures just click on them! Michael writes:

My second visit, the following year, was surreal. At times I felt like I had come upon the sound stage for "Apocalypse Now". At this time, all of the bunks had been removed. Piles of burning brush and rubbish were everywhere; the air was filled with acrid smoke. Photo 1 is taken along the bunk line at about where bunk "E" used to be. A number of photos were taken around the area of the main buildings and show the remaining physical features through the smoky haze.

The main buildings, which used to house the dining rooms, and Chief's Office and quarters had been totally demolished except for a few foundational granite/masonry foundation pillars and the fireplaces. In various photos, you can seethe fireplaces still standing!

Also at this time, the demolition of the Rec Hall was in full swing. You can see that the roof, the lodge and the back-stage areas have been removed. (In one shot, a truck is loaded with the ceiling trusses to be hauled away. If you look carefully at the photo from the up-hill side of the Rec Hall, through the stage opening, you can see one of the demolition workmen taking one of the last basketball shots ever taken at the old arena.
Several shots show the new road across the old A-Field. 3 or 4 homes were under construction. Also what appeared to be a condominium structure just off the beach.


mksmith3.jpg (79527 bytes)
What used to be Bunk E

mksmith2.jpg (79425 bytes)
View of what used to be main buildings from the rocks

mksmith1.jpg (107656 bytes)

View from what used to be the main buildings.

  mksmith4.jpg (52073 bytes)
All that was left of the main buildings.

mksmith5.jpg (86659 bytes)

More remains of the main buildings


mksmith6.jpg (104682 bytes)
More of the same!

mksmith8.jpg (86834 bytes)
You can still see the food being served in the dining room

  mksmith9.jpg (89004 bytes)
As Chief or Peter finished talking you can see everyone dashing up the stairs to the dining room
mksmith21.jpg (87167 bytes)   mksmith10.jpg (67175 bytes)
What used to be the third base line!!

mksmith12.jpg (46061 bytes)

This would sure make catching fly balls hard!

  mksmith11.jpg (54052 bytes)
I think the base path is a little crooked!

mksmith13.jpg (72992 bytes)

Everything at the beach looks normal!


mksmith7.jpg (86546 bytes)

Looks can be deceiving!

mksmith20.jpg (80135 bytes) Alton Rec Hall Today

mksmith14.jpg (82922 bytes)

The Wrecked Hall!
Wrestling Night - Shows!!!

mksmith15.jpg (103312 bytes)

The Rec Hall side view


mksmith16.jpg (89889 bytes)
Rec Hall

mksmith17.jpg (66354 bytes)


mksmith18.jpg (75370 bytes)

mksmith19.jpg (96718 bytes)
Note workman taking the shot!

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