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Camp Alton:
The Final Chapters

Special thanks to Michael Kupersmith for the pictures of the camp grounds.
These pictures were taken on Michael's 1st visit to the hallowed grounds in 1994.

To enlarge the pictures just click on them! Michael writes:

The shots of Alton I took over the course of 2 visits. Probably in the Fall of 1994 and Fall of 1995 (although it could be '95 & '96).

The earlier shots show the construction of the "super-highway" that replaced the camp road (first row). A shot from the top of the road shows the old pine where the road used to pass on the right and curve to the left (the road now passes to the left). These shots also show the disappearance of the canteen and the dismantling of various cabins for sale and removal. (A) Lower Camp Lodge; (B) basement under the dismantled bunk "O" looking toward the Lower Camp Lodge; Bunks "A" and "B" (one showing "B" with a fallen tree). Two shots show the construction of the development's septic tanks under the "A" Field!


Toto: This Isn't The
Camp Road Anymore!

mksmith22.jpg (80879 bytes)



mksmith23.jpg (131316 bytes)



mksmith24.jpg (101539 bytes)



I'll Take Some Batteries and Necco Wafers Please!

mksmith25.jpg (98301 bytes)

Click here to see the canteen today!


Lower Camp Lodge

mksmith26.jpg (86272 bytes)



Bunk "O"

mksmith27.jpg (102379 bytes)

I can still hear those screams of glee as another wedgie is administered!

Bunks "B" & "A"

mksmith28.jpg (83094 bytes)

Hey - my name is in there somewhere!


Bunk "B"

mksmith29.jpg (86713 bytes)

I think the roof is leaking!

"A" Field

mksmith30.jpg (53215 bytes)

Finally getting proper drainage - now we can play in the rain!!!


"A" Field

mksmith31.jpg (63077 bytes)


The Next Chapter