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Rules For Final Inspection



  1. All beds must be properly made with sheets and blankets. Sleeping bags are not permitted.
  2. Nothing is permitted on ANY shelves. Under no circumstances should any object of any kind be on any shelf. This also apples to closet shelves, personal shelves, nooks and crannies.
  3. Each camper's and counselor's belongings shall be placed on his bed. This also applies to shoes. No shoes on floor or shelves.
  4. Nothing is to be hanging anywhere. Nothing is to be on any hooks, nails, in closets nor anywhere else.
  5. Shutter, including bathroom shutter, must be down but not locked. this includes glass windows.
  6. All trunks, duffle bags, suitcases, gym bags, overnight cases, attaché cases, briefcases, purses etc. must be empty and open.
  7. Trunks and duffle bags must be outside and open unless there is rain or a severe threat of rain, in which case they must be open and inside the bunk.
  8. Nothing but wet clothing on the clotheslines. No piece of clothing may be even partially hidden by any other piece of clothing. This includes towels, bathing suits, jock straps etc. Any excess wet clothing may be placed neatly on the ground near the clothesline. In the lower camp clothing etc. may be placed on porch railings and benches following above rules.
  9. The grounds must be free from all unnatural objects (except as provided in rule #8). This also includes rubbish UNDER the bunk.

In lower camp each cabin is responsible for the area from the beginning of the woods behind the bunk to the beginning of the woods in front of the bunk. Cabins J through M are responsible for the woods behind their respective bunks. Lower camp is responsible for the play area also. The amount of wooded area is limited by one's eyesight on a basis of 20-20 vision corrected or uncorrected.

In upper camp each cabin is responsible from the area from the beginning of the woods in front of the bunk to the A-field.

The inspector shall freely determine which bunk is responsible for such unnatural objects.

  1. Each cabin must have a plastic barrel in the bunk and it must be empty. The dustpan must not be inside the barrel.
  2. All rubbish must be dumped in the barrels at the incinerator and in no other trash cans or any other place.
  3. No camper is to have more than one mattress on his bed. Counselors are limited to two (2) mattresses although this is frowned upon. All excess mattresses shall be neatly piled up in the mattress room
  4. No writing and or printing of names, sayings, profanity, graffiti etc. is allowed on the interior or exterior of any bunks or buildings in camp. This also applies to railings. Markings of previous years will be allowed to remain but not added to. Punishment WILL be severe and may include that of a monetary nature!
  5. No camper may be in or near their cabins after the inspection bugle until their cabin has been inspected.
  6. All of the preceding rules are in addition to the regular inspection rules.
  7. It is difficult to say exactly how many points will be taken off for each infraction. However, you may count on at least one point being taken off for each minor infraction and at least two points off for sever or major infractions.

Please feel free to ask Paul Harvey Bond or John Martin any questions you may have in regard to the "20 Inspection".