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Camp Alton Canteen

Pictures courtesy of Bruce Novak
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Wow now there is a sight for sore eyes!!!


Right out of the past, when we thought all was lost, we are surprised by these great shots of one of the most famous structures at Camp Alton...THE CANTEEN

According to our intrepid photographer (and boat owner whose boat is located here) - Bruce Novak, Irving Roberts rescued the building from the oncoming bulldozers and relocated this Alton classic down to Roberts Cove Basin where it now has a new life as the Boat House overlooking the boat ramp down at the marina. He even says, and I quote "I looked inside, and it is exactly as if they had just delivered the mail after lunch at Camp." Can't you just picture yourself walking up to the door to pick up the bunk's mail!



The following photos were taken on the July 4th weekend...what would have been the end of the 1st week of it just another weekend and the grounds are looking less and less like Camp Alton!