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Summer of '90

Pictures and captions courtesy of Nick Cassway
Click on the images to enlarge



The Greens come marching in


The greens continue to march to their imminent defeat



The greens staring at the point on the pavilion



The gray's at the rocks


Another view of the grays,
notice the back of the old doc's head

The green team fight song, I think


Josh Taub leading the green team comic

Josh trying to use his shtick on Peter


This picture is of particular interest, Ken Yoffe was asked to be a judge, the first new judge in I forget how many years, I believe Paul Bond had left that year

Josh continuing to lead the comic





Adam "the bull" Lazarus doing his shtick for
the gray team comic



The bull and his comic shtick





Waiting patiently for the results

The gray's win the sing