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Summer of '86

Pictures courtesy of 
Alan Cohn


Pictures courtesy of
Nick Cassway

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We have a correction...thanks to Mitch Ross who recognized himself in the photos we have determined these photos are in fact from 1986!!!

Flag Rush



Tommy Guralnick and Sleepy LaBeef

Jordy Cassway at the bat

Counselors B-Team Softball Game

That's a very young Marc Kasher (with hair) dead center in the photograph and Doug Beaman on the far right.


(yes this picture is to Nick!)

Jordy Cassway and Paul Fisher(dead center) and Laura Rosenthal on the right and Marc Kasher behind her.


from the top left: Steve Mital, Ken Pritzker, Ken Yoffe, Doug Beaman, Rob Shmeltzer (i think) second row ?(was my co-counselor though), Will Kraft, Alex Cohn, ?, Jordy Cassway, ?, Laura Rosenthal third Row ?, Brian Clarke, David Kovick, Paul Fisher, Tad Sennott, Marc Kasher, Alan Cohn, Emma


Laura Rosenthal at the bat

Jimmy Lewin and Ken Pritzker


I think gray won

 Don't Be Shy Say
What's On Your Mind


Dougie Beaman and Brian Clark

the fabulous
Wolfeboro 48

from the top down: Ken Levin 2nd Row: Jake (the snake) Guralnick, Scotty Meyer 3rd Row: Mitchell Ross, Tad (the Grappling Goyem) Sennott, Brian Clark In front: Sam (the mauling mule) Miller, Jordy (bassmaster) Cassway