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Summer of '73

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The Big Boys!

[Alton Leaders]

Waterfront Crew

[Waterfront Counselors]

Tennis Crew
[Tennis Counselors]

[A Crew]

The Big Jump
[The Big Plunge]
Marc Garber


The Sing
Dave Berkman leading
the gray team at sing

Flag Rush
[Flag Rush]
Neil Rubenstein with the flag
Thanks Neil for recognizing yourself!!!

Rush Strategy Meeting

L to R: Arthur Brown, Gary Scharoff, Bruce Novak, Mark Shuster & Billy Berkowitz

Swim Team
1973camp_swim_team.jpg (46631 bytes)

The Following Pictures are Courtesy of David Berkman - click to enlarge!

Gray Rush!!!

1973greyrush.jpg (155142 bytes)

Front to Back (closest to camera): David Berkman, Mark Shuster (hair only), "Archie" Brown, Billy Berkowitz, Jack Stern, Gary Scharoff, Barry Silverstein, Jeff Hershman.


Back to the Drawing Board

1973greyrush2.jpg (183289 bytes)


Ooooh That Hurts!1973dberkinfirmary.jpg (111909 bytes)

Dave Berkman faking another injury just to stay with the nurses in the infirmary



Before The Blues Brothers There Were the Alton Brothers

1973altonbros.jpg (215830 bytes)

Left to Right: Scott Groper, Dave Berkman and Mark Shuster.


Play It Again Sam

1973playitagainsam.jpg (149671 bytes)

Left to Right: Jack Stern, David Berkman, M. G. Diamond, Barry Silverstein (?).



Just Another Football Game

1973football.jpg (288088 bytes)

Left to Right: David Berkman, Bruce Novak, Alan Garber, Thomas "Chet" Atkins
Thanks again to Neil Rubenstein
for IDing "Chet".


DBerk Sending One Into Orbit (not Robert)

Alton Post Card Front   Alton Post Card Back

The Final Score!!!

Plaque courtesy of Josh Tager...from his basement!

Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures. Some have been taken from the Alton Annual not original photos!