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Summer of '79

Jared Kasher

Pictures courtesy of David Davis (1979-1982)
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If you recognize any of the people in these hiking photos, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by clicking the mailbox below.


L to R: Alan Kohn



Ned Vogler, Dave Davis (up), Ed Feldman (below Dave), Goober (David Hansburg), Russell Onish, Michael Smalley (up), Ken Yoffe (far right)

Thanks to David Witkin for some additional IDs.

??, ??, Jared Kasher (nearest the tree), Todd McMurray (below Jared) ??, ??, Jon Finger (second from right), Kaceen Keith (far right), David Paperman (obscured in back)

Following photo courtesy of Matthew Borkow 

  Following Courtesy of Nick Cassway 

Bunk P Green & Grey


Bunk M

top row: Larry Wolfe, Mike Granoff, Jeff "animal" Hershman, unidentified co counselor
3rd row: Paul Kates, Doug Kobak, Micah Raskin, Timmy Powell, Paul Fisher, Jon"JC" Cohen
2nd row: Steve Tannen, Steve Lederman, Eric "putt putt" Putnoi, Joey "the luger that wouldn't flush" Mendelson, Andy "kappy" Kaplan
1st row: Nick Cassway, Glenn "the great glenno" Davis, David "goober" Hansburg, Doug Gordon, Jon "booger" Roscow