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Summer of '66

Bunk N

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That would be Jeffrey Stein next to Doc and to Jeffrey's left ?? Seltzer (if you know let me know) and camper 2nd from left on top row is Tommy Zutz. (The following IDs courtesy of Mike Prager) Front Row 2nd from right: Andy Cummings, Third row 2nd from right: Lee Eisenberg aka "Ike"
 Pictures courtesy of Jeffrey S. Stein (1965-1968)
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Identifications in picture on the right is courtesy of Mike Prager>>>

Are We Having Fun Yet?jsaltonmusic.jpg (56281 bytes)Counselor: David Archibald, Back row 2nd from right: David Starr, 2nd row 2nd from right: Howie Levine,



You Shoulda Seen the One That Got Away!

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If you can identify anyone in these pictures please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.