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The Camp Hymn: In Between the Line

(Alton Almanac - August 25, 1971)


"We hail thee night and day,
Praise to thee, Alton,"

In other words, we revere and salute our camp, both by the light of the sun on the athletic fields and in the water and in the umbra of the moon at both entertaining and mind-expanding evening activities.

"Thy stately pines so tall,
Heighten thy splendor"

Natural beauty abounds in a magnanimous setting of arboreal tapestry.

"God keep you safe we pray
Praise to thee, Alton"

We humbly ask for guidance and protection from a Supreme Being other than Dick Kasher.

"Rugged men of strength and courage"

Modern frontiersmen in the mold of Daniel Boone and Jerry Weene who constantly display fortitude in the face of danger and defeat.

"We thee adore"

We, as campers, counselors, citizens of the world, human beings and lovers of Chinese food, adore, cherish, worship, idolize and like a lot, thee, or Camp Nirvana, heaven on Earth, Fat City and Home for the Eternally young.