Welcome to the New Camp Alton Message Board

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Welcome to the New Camp Alton Message Board

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[size=200][color=green][b]Hello Hello Hello!!!![/b][/color][/size]

[color=green]Hi All

Welcome to the latest addition to the Camp Alton website. I have been working on this for a few months...the biggest challenge was to move all the "old" messages to the new board since they are not compatible with each other. Fortunately there are many websites abandoning the old board because the author no longer supports it and someone wrote a nifty conversion program that was able to import all the messages into the new board.

This board is a MAJOR upgrade from the "old" message board and may take some getting used to. Once you have learned how to use it you will find it more flexible and easier to work with then the old board. Plus I can get support for it if I need!!! You will also notice that there is a new feature..adding a Poll. So if you wish to poll the Alton community you can set up your own online poll and follow the voting.

What I tried to do is setup "user accounts" for anyone that posted 35 or more messages on the old board. Since I had to make up usernames to link to the old posts some of you may already be registerd. If you click on the Memberslist link you will see who has already registered. If you find your name in there contact me in an email and I will give you your password to access your information so that you can change and update your information. If you want a different username then just set it up and I will modify the rest. Getting things up and fully running make take a little time but it will be worth it!

Everyone can view the messages that are on the board but to post or reply you will need to register. There are a number of security reasons for that.

If you have any problems please check out the FAQ link at the top of the page and if you can't find the answer there then post a message in the Forum Help section and I will try to anwer your question.

By the way - I was going over some of the pictures that are on the site and almost forgot about the great "[b]post camp pre-Bahre estate[/b]" photos that Michael Kupersmith took in the late '90s during the demolition of the camp http://www.campalton.com/the_final_chapter.html

Enjoy the new message board and if you find any old pictures around YOUR house scan them and send them in!



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