Looking for Billy Jacobson

Food, bunks, counselors, nurses, green, grey etc...
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Mike Prager

Looking for Billy Jacobson

Post by Mike Prager »

I attended Alton from '66-'69 and Billy was my counselor in H2 my last summer. I have reason to look him up, but Google is of little help for a guy with such a fairly common name.

If anyone has a line on him, I'd be grateful for the pointer. I can be reached at marbs (at) fisherblue.com, and by phone at 781-777-9772. (I'm in Arlington, Mass.)

If you know his whereabouts but don't want to drop a dime on him, please consider passing my contact info on to him, and let him decide. Much obliged.

Bob Fine

Billy Josephson (not Jacobson)

Post by Bob Fine »

Mike - Maybe you are having trouble finding him because his name was Billy Josephson when he was at camp. No idea where he is but at least I remember his name (and an awesome curve he threw for the 15 year old baseball team). Bob Fine
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