Another Alton Alum makes good!!!

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Another Alton Alum makes good!!!

Postby Gary Scharoff » Thu Jun 14, 2007 10:07 pm

Was just googling Camp Alton and came across this article in the December issue of Columbia College today.. about Tom Kitt composer of the musical High Fidelity...where he specifically mentions how he got interested in music while a camper at Alton - and there is even a photo from a music night...

:lol:[size=75][color=green][i]"For the first decade of his life, Kitt stuck to classical music. It wasn’t until he was 11 and attended Camp Alton that he became obsessed with rock ’n’ roll. Camp Alton was a sports and music camp run by Peter Guralnick, an eminent rock ’n’ roll writer who wrote the definitive biography of Elvis Presley. It was at this camp in New Hampshire that Kitt’s 15-year-old counselor introduced him to the music of Billy Joel and the Blues Brothers. Kitt no longer dreamed of composing three-movement sonatas - he wanted to be the next Billy Joel."[/i][/color][/size]

Good stuff...