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Summer Time

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 4:12 pm
by Paul Bond
Hello, hell0, hello,

Retirement finds Gail and myself in Reno, NV playing with our grandchildren (Rachel, 6-1/2 and Jocelyn, 2). We drove from Florida to Boston with stops in Richmond VAand State College, PA and spent 6 wks in the Boston area including going to the 2006 Marson Dinner.

We drove cross country and stopped in State College, PA again on our way to Minn, Des Moines, Denver, Salt Lake City and finally Reno. Saw lots of America and find the country to be as beautiful as ever.

So, after a trip to CA with family, we will return to FL early Sept. after taking a more southern route back home. Barbecue is very good in Texas.

Wish all a safe and healthy summer.