Phin Tobe???

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Phin Tobe???

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Got an email today from Robert L. Cohen (1955-1958) inquiring if Phineas is still with us...does anyone know about that?

Also was wondering the whereabouts of Eddie Goldman the music counselor from that period and whether an article that he saw about Steve Egbert (an attorney) was the same Steve Egbert from Camp...

Anyone with any info about these questions?


Greg Goodman

Phin Tobe

Post by Greg Goodman »

I saw BArry silverstein and Jon Goldstein at visiting day at our daughter's camp in Maine and while Barry and I were discussing old days and people it just so happened that visiting his granddaughter was Phil Nyman who spent quite a few minutes bringing us up to date on many old camp topics and people and I believe Phin Tobe was mentioned and is still alive although if i recall correctly may not be that well. There were five or six old altonites there including those mentioned and Marc Schuster, all we needed was D berk and we were ready to go!!! Anyway, it was great to see those few and would be even better to see more sometime at a real camp reunion!! Hope all is well with you and hope to encounter all of you again some day soon!! Greg Goodman
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