More Construction Planned on Alton Site

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More Construction Planned on Alton Site

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Well it appears that Bob Bahre has the urge to do some more building...he is now proposing the construction of a 50,000 sq ft building to house his 70 antique cars, a doll collection and a caretaker. The location will be the one remaing spot which is on the A-Field down at the Point end...fortunately this time he has run into a problem - the zoning board is not rolling over for him as they did in the past...the proposed structure would be over 45ft high and be approximately 223 x 80 As he is quoted in the newspaper:

<EM>"I started collecting them back in the early '70s," Bahre said. "We've got some Mercedes, we've got some Alfas - these are old ones, now, from the '30s. The ones that we really like and enjoy the most are the ones in the early '30s."

He also has Duesenbergs, custom Packards, a carriage that belonged to President Martin Van Buren and one used by Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind. Several of the Bahres' carriages are on loan to the Shaker Village in Canterbury, he said.

Bahre didn't know as much about his wife's doll collection, but it was pretty large, he said. </EM>

It also appears he has not endeared himself to the neighbors much because he flys back and forth in a helicopter that disturbs everyone in the area...

You can read more at <A HREF=" ... -1/CITIZEN" TARGET="_blank"> ... CITIZEN</A> and
<A HREF=" ... 50312/1031" TARGET="_blank"> ... 12/1031</A>

Re: More Construction Planned on Alton Site

Post by Ghandi »

Are you bwalking kidding me?

He destroyed the A-field to use it as his garage?

That is the worst thing I have ever head. I wish horrible things upon his new house.
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