I Remember

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I Remember

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I Remember
My first morning waking up in P2 with the sun reflecting off of the lake and into my eyes - 1960.
..My underwear buried because of a mistake - brought back into the bunk on the end of a stick. No denying it....my name was sown into the label.
..Swimming the half mile behind Stoney from the dock to the beach and back.
..My only home run. A softball hit over the left field fence in (Knopp Park?)
..My first lap around the 'A' field.
..My first visit to the water tower.
..The smell of breakfast after camping out.
..Star gazing with the Allisons.
..Broom hockey
..Checking out the 'A' Field 2 hours before the flag rush, knowing what it must have felt like to land on Normandy.
..Alan Turell bringing over the fifty that year, the year after Dennis Krumholtz?
..My good friends, forgotten until I thought of getting on this web site. Seeing your pictures, amazed after 40 years, all you guys look exactly the same.

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