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Too much time on my hands!
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    Found an article dated March 2, 2004 in the Laconia Citizen Online referencing the 3 largest taxpayers in Alton... the article is titled "Camp, marina, private home among top tax spots in Alton" and guess which one is the PRIVATE HOME...

    "Robert P. Bahre et al, owner of the New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon, is by far the town?s largest taxpayer.

    Bahre received a 2003 tax bill of $318,154 for properties whose combined assessed valuation is $18,902,700.

    Bahre and his son, Gary, recently built two homes on Lake Winnipesaukee.

    According to officials in the tax collector?s office, Bahre owns one home assessed at <FONT COLOR="ff0000">$9.3 million </FONT>and another valued at <FONT COLOR="ff0000">$4.7 million</FONT>..." and amazingly enough the 2nd largest taxbill was for Camp Kabeyun which was a only 82 acres - Alton was larger.

    Guess the tax bill is chump change for this guy! <IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALT=":(">

    [url= ... 02.04a.asp] ... 02.04a.asp[/url]
    [img] ... HRETAX.JPG[/img]

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