Kerry or Bush your chance of 15 minutes of fame!
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Kerry or Bush your chance of 15 minutes of fame!
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    I was just watching a TV program in UK called Question Time, it is a live political debate with maybe 3 or 4 politicians and the audience get to ask Questions and put politicians and other relevant people, (church, planners, journalists etc) on the spot.
    They have just asked on national TV if anyone knows somebody in Miami who can appear in the audience and possibly get the chance to ask a question.
    So, if there is anybody in Miami or can get to Miami for next thursday 28th October, go to web site,
    <A HREF=" ... 858613.stm" TARGET="_blank"> ... 613.stm</A>
    If that doesn't work go to <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> and search for Question Time and your area.
    Any problems get back to me.
    It would be a buzz to see one of the guys on UK/British TV.
    Good luck
    Tony Gillott

    [url=]BBC Question Time[/url]

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