Altonites in the News VI
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Michael Kupersmith

Altonites in the News VI
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    Jeezum Crow! (Old Vermont expression) The message board has been awful quiet lately.

    Received this item from Joel Reingold yesterday. The link is to a New Tork Times article about internationally-famous artist Jon Borofsky. The article features not only Jon's latest tour de force, but also what appears to be a recent photogrpah of the artist himself.

    On another note, I met Joel a week ago Saturday at Saratoga -- had not seen him in over 40 years. We spent a pleasant afternoon watching ponies run around in circles. Ah, but therein lies another tale.

    [In checking the message preview, it appears that the link to the Times has not been reproduced properly, so I'm including it here. Generally, the link will provide you with the full article for only one week from the date of publication. After that, you get only an abstract and an invitation to invest $2.95.]

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