Pan-Mass Challenge
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Pan-Mass Challenge
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    Did any Altonites do the Pan-Mass Challenge this past weekend? It is a two day bike ride from Wellesley to P-town to raise money for The Jimmy Fund. 89 miles on Saturday and another 84 on Sunday. My dad did the whole thing and my brother Ezra and I joined him for the Sunday portion of the ride from Bourne to P-Town. Yes, my tush is still sore!

    The ride is extremely well organized with water stops every 20 miles and lodging at the Mass Maritime Accademy on Saturday night. We averaged a little over 15 MPH. It is amazing to ride with people cheering you along the entire route.

    I was thinking of organizing a team of former Altonites for next year's ride. It is usually the first weekend in August. We would need a minimum of 5 people and would need to each raise an average of $5,500 ($27,500 for a 5 person team). Alternatively, we could ride as individuals and each would only need to raise $2,750.

    Check out <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> and drop me a line if you might be interested.

    [url=]Pan-Massachusetts Challenge[/url]

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