Ralph Wiley 1952-2004
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Ralph Wiley 1952-2004
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    One of the greatest sports journalists of my time, Ralph Wiley, past away on Sunday of heart failure.
    Ralph wrote 28 cover stories for Sports Illustrated, help found ESPN Page-2, and also wrote for Premiere, GQ, National Geographic, and many national newspapers. Ralph authored many inspirational and profound books including: "Why Black People Tend to Shout", "Serenity: A Boxing Memoir," Trial of the Century" and "Best Seat in the House: A Basketball Memoir" with Spike Lee.
    Wiley also played football, basketball, ran track and boxed.
    "For the past three and a half years, Ralph has produced a body of work that was both exceptional and insightful and arguably the best sports commentary on the web," said John Walsh, executive vice president and executive editor, ESPN.
    Ralph Wiley was one of my favorite sports columnists. I read his work on a weekly basis. The following link has over 100 of Ralph's ESPN Page 2 columns, including his last which opened with "All a man's got is the integrity of his work."

    [url=http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/archive? ... root=page2]Ralph Wiley Archive[/url]

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