more schlock, please

These are the positings from the old message board !!

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more schlock, please

Post by Duvke »

I was really pleased to read the helpful suggestions for online travel and credit services. Now will someone please start posting links to some good herbal viagra merchants, real estate investment seminars, etc?
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Gary Scharoff
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Re: more schlock, please
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    I would be more than happy to forward you ALL my daily emails...cause it seems that is all I get anyway!

    If it isn't viagra or some form of it - it is another get rich quick scheme...I should be able to retire to "stud" soon from all the emails!

    Don't forget the upcoming Alton Dinner...see the link below!

    [url=]Annual Dinner Announcement[/url]

    Uncle Neil
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    In defense of schlock

    Post by Uncle Neil »

    Dear David,

    About the travel site, if you followed my directions, you will see that I used their site to put up a welcome to Altonites and advised that you take the FREE stuff, not that you buy anything. The "Boarding Pass" really does find cheap flights from 21 websites and the Free membership and hotel stay are really free with no strings attached. I thought it might be a way for Altonites (and other friends) to have reunions at Travelogia's expense! I sell premiums to companies like Travelogia, so I know they really do give the free stays away (and that most people who sign up never use them).

    Anyhow that is why I made the posting! Hope you are doing well (and don't really need viagra yet...)!
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