Spare ribs and the Big Guy

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Tony Gillott
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Spare ribs and the Big Guy

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Two days ago my wife and I went out for a meal and as I was eating my spare ribs, I thought about the Big Guy and his love of Chinese,
I then wondered how long ago he departed, I check this web site and it was exactly 2 years to the day.
Perhaps a little message was coming through to say enjoy, which I did.
Maybe April 9 should be the world Chinese eating day.
Maybe we could post messages about favorite chinese meals/restaurants.
Any thoughts
Tony G
The Limey
Uncle Moish
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Re: Thanks Tony

Post by Uncle Moish »

I cannot begin to express my appreciation to everyone raising some of the multitudes of memories connected with Jeffrey's personality and character.

As you know, Tony, from when you visited Philly I had spent a fair amount of time with Jeffrey in the short era prior to his passing, an eventuality we all face but one which I failed to detect would have been, for Jeffrey, so imminent.

I believe, though, that he perceived it on a near horizon. On one visit he took out a map and the deed showing where his late, beloved mother was buried, the family plot where he would want his remains to find a final resting place, "just in case".

On many weekends we would also discuss the state of the world, its seeming deterioration and increased hypocrisy the last decade, the dedicated and dear friendships of so many, their shared and often not shared but always sincere belief systems, and many, many more things. Somehow I don't recall his ever raising the subject of "spare ribs". Perhaps I simply blocked it out.

Jeff was taken away from us shortly after the Passover festival which this year terminated just last night. Specifically, it was on the 27th Day of the Month of Nissan, which is this Sunday. I once again ask that we, his family, light a candle in commemoration of Jeffrey's upcoming second yahrtzeit.

May his memory be a blessing and inspiration to us all.

"Brenner" [as he referred to me one day in 1960]
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