Lost & Found

These are the positings from the old message board !!

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Winter Almanac Reporter

Lost & Found

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The following campers have been found:

JB Zuckernick is now a lawyer in Boston defending clients who are off the honor roll

The Sands Brothers are trading equities and candy bars on Park Ave in New York City

Chuck Urdang now works with Bruce Novak doing something or other....

Adam Kolker is now a prof 3 days a week at U-Mass Amherst and spends the rest of his time living in Brooklyn playing music. He is living on Brooklyn's exclusive 7th Avenue when not in MA.

Curt Linkletter now lives out west somewhere

Stay tuned for more updates on those who you never thought you would hear about again!

Next issue:

Rick Snyder is interviewed on how to coach the Babbits

Don Fialkow writes about his life pretending to be Howie Fialkow... YOU'RE GOING HOME FIALKOW!

James Zuckernik a/k/a JB

Re: Lost & Found

Post by James Zuckernik a/k/a JB »

It has been incorrectly reported that my law practice is limited to defending those who, wrongly generally, have been excluded from the Honor Role.

Actually, my practice is far broader these days. Much of my time recently has been devoted to defending Neil Bryer from scurrilous charges involving pedifilia and church clergy impersonation.

I am happy to report that none of the charges against him have thus far stuck, and the gun possession conviction I feel is likely to be reversed on appeal.

On a serious note, I am glad to have been "found." I barely knew I was lost.

Regards to Neil and all.

JB Zuckernik

Joel Orris

Re: Lost & Found

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I was a witness to the wonderful coaching techniques Ricky Snyder used on the Babbit brothers. He helped them build up their stamina for their future athletic careers. Watching them chase many basketballs from the Uppers to the Point was a great motivating technique. Ricky always shouted out encouragement to them. I can still hear the famous words "Trap Babbit Dam It, TRAP! After all, the Babbit Brothers got always played well in the sandbox with others.

Uncle Neil
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Re: Lost & Found

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Again I must thank you for taking my case because...

A) She told me she was over 18

B) I did not know she was your wife

Nice to hear you are alive and well..and have not changed a bit!


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