Super Bowl XXXVIII

These are the positings from the old message board !!

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Super Bowl XXXVIII

Post by KenWarshaw »

Since it is always pretty fun to see who knows what they're talking about (or at least who guesses right), anyone got any Superbowl predictions?

Here's mine.

Patriots 24
Panthers 13
Rick Snyder

Final score

Post by Rick Snyder »

Pats 34

DeWitt 13
Tony Gillott
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One point two million

Post by Tony Gillott »

That's right, according to the London Sunday Times (today the 1st Jan) that is the number of pizzas that will be delivered by Domino Pizzas, before, during and after the Superbowl.
1.2 million
Check the end of year financial statement to see if it is right!!
Go Pats!
20 minutes before the prog starts over here.
Best wishes to all,
from the Blimey Limey
Tony G
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