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Re: Ah, The Memories of Movie Night

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In 1968 or 69 The Chief stunned the entire ALton community by taking us to see Goodbye Columbus with Ali McGraw. I can still see her bountiful femininity and the cheer of a hundred horny guys -- That was a memory that none will forget.

Peter must have been a real prude to cover the projector lens in the 80's...

DOes anyone remember the Ill fated Trip to the Flume? Jeff Green sent CDF and we nearly revolted...

I miss threading the old Bell & Howell and have some great memories of The Marx Brothers and how hysterical they were even to the upper campers in the late 60's. I still have a similar projector so if any one wants to watch a movie outdoors... Call me....


Re: Ah, The Memories of Movie Night

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Question......There was a movie we watched at camp during late 70'a early 80's about a group of troubled kids who tried to free a bunch of Buffalos that were captive but ended up watching them all get shot? I know my memory is not so great, anyone remember the name of that flick? For me, it is the one film that I associate with movie night. Thanks in advance

Re: Ah, The Memories of Movie Night

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The movie was Bless The Beast And The Children...starring Billy Mummy of Lost in Space fame.

Re: Ah, The Memories of Movie Night

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That was always played towards the end of camp if I recall....

there was that character named Cotton...the bad ass...always reminded me of Robbie Markell <IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALT=":)">
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Re: Ah, The Memories of Movie Night

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I remember that movie nights gave me my first exposure to the Marx Bros...I remember sitting on the rocks swatting the mosquitos and laughing hysterically...I also remember walking around the day after seeing those movies and quoting Groucho...

Ahhh - nothing like watching old B & W movies outdoors!!! <IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALT=":)">
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