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Josh Taub


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Maybe somebody out there remembers me. I certainly remember all of you. I'm in Manhatten. Drop me a line. If any of my old counselors are reading this (I myself was never a counselor) yes, I did have a food stash. Gannick (Ghandi) put me up to it. He's crafty.

Mitch Ross

Not so bizarre

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Mr. Taub,

Nice to hear that you're in the city, a shady place made that much more shady as a result. Drop a line if so inclined.

As for the food you supposedly "hid", why do you think I was so nice to you guys that summer? It wasn't your sparkling personalities that's for sure.

Satedly yours,

Little Baba

Re: Bizarre

Post by ntpf »

we knew you had food
why do you think mitch and I didn't nominate you for prize camper when you were in bunk L

Re: hidden food//Mitch v. Jimmy Lewin

Post by goldy »

Mitch: How lucky we were to have you in bunk the time we made it to upper camp we had to witness Jimmy lose his mind over ganick's "alleged" sunflower seed stash--scary stuff. (Jimmy, I wouldn't have handled it any other way)

By the way, I had no knowledge of Taub's food stash in Bunk L, but of course, Mitch, you knew that--hence the pc award


Re: hidden food//Mitch v. Jimmy Lewin

Post by Ghandi »

I am starting to feel guilty for being involved in an evil plot to hide M&Ms and sodas 14 years ago....there is truly no place like camp.

The sunflower seeds I still don't feel guilty about cause I got caught...and do sunflower seeds attract skunks?

And on second thought, I know nothing about The Bunk L food hiding was all Taub. What do you expect from a Yankees fan?
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