New Arrival Part 2

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New Arrival Part 2

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Well just like "The Big Dig" woke up the rats in Boston "The Big Move" by Neil Brier has dug up lots of GREAT Alton memorabilia...from wrestling announcements to crayfish racing sheets...and photos galore!!!

As a sample of what is to come I have listed below the words to the 1981 Green Team Comic Song...


MOOD: outrageously funny, of course

TUNE: Beverly Hillbillies

LEADER: Jimmy Millah

Now listen to a story ?bout a fine summer camp
Food ain?t fit for eatin? and the beds are often damp.
Each mornin? there?s inspection,
Of that duty I?m not fond,
And cleanin? up that duty is a man named Bond

---Paul, that is, killin? germs....scrubbin? floors

Now here?s a little tale about a nurse named Jean
We?d like to get into it but we?ve got to keep it clean.
And. just in case you think that
We are being rather mean
At least we aren?t mentioning a certain beach scene

---Skinny, dipping, that is...shining stars and moons

Now there?s a part of camp which has been going on for years
The Ancient One, the baseball coach, in winter he serves beers.
He coaches with an iron hand,
His team - it never slumps,
For rest and relaxation, the Doctor always pumps

---iron, that is, no gain

There?s characters galore in camp and here are just a few:
Professor, Ari, Jeffrey?s car, and loony Brecker too.
Professor looks like he is twelve and
Ari?s losing mits,
But Brecker, just like Jeffrey?s car, has flipped into the pits

---Schvitz, that is, always there... not invited

Dear Judges ? hope you liked our song; we?ve done our very best,
To bring you camp the ?down-home? way and do it all in jest.
We?d like to start another verse
So J. Floyd can say ___________
But, judges, please excuse us, for now we have to go!

There is plenty more where that came from...but I have too scan them...the biggest problem is much of it was printed on the old mimeograph machine...not the highest technology or the clearest to read...

Hang in and over the next few weeks I hope to have lots more material for your reading pleasure...

Oh yes...and Neil is moving to NY...some town called Brooklyn I believe...not sure exactly where that is! <IMG SRC="smile.gif" BORDER=0 ALT=":)">

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