Young Bull Walton To Be Honored!

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Young Bull Walton To Be Honored!

Postby Gary Scharoff » Wed May 08, 2002 4:09 pm

Young Bull Walton...aka David S. Rosenthal, MD is being honored by The Boston Chapter of The American Jewish Committee at a special dinner to be held on Wednesday June 12th at 6:00 PM (it was arranged so that it did not conflict with the all important June 13th Alton dinner!)

This is a major honor for David as he receives the The American Jewish Committee's Community Service Award.

The dinner is to be held at the Downtown Harvard Club...

IF you would like to attend the dinner the cost is $250 per person...or if you would like to make a contribution and become a member of the Tribute Committee contributions can be made in the following manner...

<FONT COLOR="ff0000">FOUNDER $15,000 </FONT>
Table of ten & Gold Journal Page

<FONT COLOR="ff0000">BENEFACTOR $10,000 </FONT>
Table of ten & Silver Journal Page

<FONT COLOR="ff0000">PATRON $5,000 </FONT>
Table of ten & White Journal Page

<FONT COLOR="ff0000">SPONSOR $2,500 </FONT>
Four tickets & Tribute Committee Listing

<FONT COLOR="ff0000">SUPPORTER $1,500 </FONT>
Two tickets & Tribute Committee Listing

Tribute Committee members are listed by category in both the Dinner Invitation and Journal.

For Dinner and Journal information you can call Terri Hootstein (617) 457-8700

I received this information from Gary Markoff who along with Phil Nyman are Chairmen of the dinner...

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