King of Schtick

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Grandson of Fatschtick

King of Schtick

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Although Jeffrey's great lines are too many to list, here are a few that live on:

Umpiring a softball game on the junior diamond, while sitting in a lawn chair behind the pitcher's mound and on the first play at second base, instead of turning around to see the play, whipping out a mirror, holding it up to see second base and calling the runner out.

Being given the first bite of a steak off the campfire, being asked "How is it Jeffrey, is it cooked?" and replying "Yeah, if you live in 'Quest For Fire!'"

Watching an empty school bus roll into camp with the sole passanger being Herbie Perkins and Jeffrey exclaiming "It's Nicholson!"

Reaching 90 degrees by morning assembly and Jeffrey in the water with 27 pads from the boathouse, and saluting the flag during the flag raising.

Jeffrey's helpful hint about committing to a serious relationship with a woman: Son, never propose on peyote.

After the 6 day marriage when he came home and she asked "what do you want for lunch? Answer: You to go.

Holding up the script to a match and calling across the stage to a very nervous 16 year old John Kaufman about to step into the Alton ring for the first time against Fatschtick, Son of Fatschtick and Grandson of Fatschtick " Hey Johnny, this means nothing" and then shredding the script.


There are so many others. Everybody has their own favorite. Everywhere he went he was the King of Schtick. Right up to the very end.
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