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Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2002 4:34 pm
by Rich Levitan
The Voice. You could hear it for a mile down the camp road. Danny, Richie, Paule,,,boooys...

Jeffrey was larger than life. You could feel the energy level change just on the notion that he was going to pay a visit to camp. He was a gifted man in many ways, and he showed many of us the value of pushing the envelope. He encouraged every one of us to do what we liked, and do it well. The Captain. The Man. Oogie-bah - no one could say it like he could.

Nicky - heck of a tribute - but then again, you always had that in you. Hope you're well.

Grandson - you carry the torch well and with pride; I'm sure the Great Fatshtick's memories will not fade easily, as a result.

The Voice. I was luck enough to see Jeffrey about a year ago (maybe longer) in Boston. As many have written, despite the years of wear and tear, his spirit was intact, as was his heart. He influenced many of us and has left his mark on many a young man - Jeffrey will not soon be forgotten.

Rest well, big fella.