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Ben Grubin


Postby Ben Grubin » Mon Apr 08, 2002 1:45 am

After four or five years after the close of camp, my memories began to receed, somewhat in an attempt to prevent the feelings of sadness associated with its closing. Once in a while I would think back to the music nights, the lake, the flag rush, and how my years at camp changed and formed me. Whenever I got down about anything, there was always the wealth of happy memories of my time at Alton.

Upon finding this site in the midst of trying to recontact a few of my old bunkmates, I have to admit the rush of emotion brought back by the photos, both old and new, caused more than a single tear to well. The decimation of the camp, then the subsequent construction of those gaudy and ill-proportioned homes make me sick with the waste of such beautiful land. Yet I'm still irresistably drawn to the place, and am planning a trip to Wolfeboro this June to hopefully walk a few steps on the campground, perhaps get a few minutes on the rocks to reflect. That is, if some shotgun toting multi-millionare doesn't chase me off his land.

Anyhow, I wanted to write this message, say hello to those that I know, and those from before my time. I'm glad to have found this corner of the internet commemorating such an impactful place on the lives of so many people.
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Ben "Grubster" Grubin (1986-1992)