A Gray Day in Brooklyn

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A Gray Day in Brooklyn

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I'm happy to report that the Grays made a clean sweep of the Thanksgiving bowls on Sunday with a 14-7 beating of the Green team that was more lopsided than the score indicated.

The Grays were led by Jon Kaufman, whose constant chants of "positives" kept spirits -- possibly some teammates -- high; Scotty Meyer,late of the Upper East Side; a clearly past his prime Tom Kitt; and your humble Almanac reporter.

The Greens were led by Ducky Meyer, who is now hard (at work) on a documentary film for ESPN entitled "No Schtupping Allowed: The Untold History of the Rush"; Neil Seideman, the only player who appeared to have gotten faster since camp closed; Mitch Ross, looking every bit like the Great Grandson of You Know Who; and, of course, Mark Lewis Brecker Esq.

The Grays opened the scoring quickly with a scoring strike from Scotty to TK. Highlights of the drive included a play in which Mitch's boyach, apparently fearing for its safety, attempted to run away from the rest of his body, resulting in a contortion worthy of Houdini.

That touchdown was followed up with a touchdown on tipped ball thrown from TK and caught by ME!!!! Mitch was "covering" on the play.

The Greens did manage to score on a pass from Ducky to a streaking Neil Seideman, who promplty put his clothes back on after the catch. But the highlight of that drive came when Uncle Markie caught a pass in front of a baffled JK.

After the Greens scored, the game ended abruptly when TK pulled a hamstring and then almost fainted, possibly from dehydration, possibly from inhaling the poor air quality of the Gray team huddle.

Both teams repaired to my house for some well-deserved Chinese food and beer. The Grappling Goy joined us, and a good time was had by all.

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